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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not bracketed

Just saw this on  a blog that reviewed my book and I liked it a lot.  It was what I hoped to be doing when I wrote it:

I have read many books on how the various Japanese arts like Shodo, Chado, Kendo, etc. can be a conduit for spiritual cultivation. But this book was able to indicate a way for one to bring this cultivation to inform a whole different way of life, instead of having your practice "bracketed" and compartmentalized as a hobby after the demands of work, society and the family.

Also got a postal letter yesterday that said that A Different Kind of Luxury was one of this persons "most important books I've ever read."  This, I believe is much more a testament to the amazing people profiled, but Yeah, I did work pretty hard on it.  Please, if you have a good message for the world, steel yourself against the winds of distraction and just FINISH it.  There's a lot of bad, and it's up to each of us to put out good things into this benighted world.

In celebration of occasional blog posting!

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  1. I'm reading it for the second time, so much to savor with this book!