Raised in the tumult of Japan’s industrial powerhouse, the 11 men and women profiled in A Different Kind of Luxury have all made the transition to sustainable, fulfilling lives. Based on Andy Couturier's popular articles in The Japan Times, this lushly designed volume has a wealth of stories about real people who have created an abundance of time for contemplation, connecting with the natural world, and contributing to their communities. In their success is a lesson for us all: live a life that matters. Read an excerpt of the book here or here. Read a review of the book here, here, or here.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Calling on you to be part of Community Supported Publishing

Here's a big request to all the friends of this book. PLEASE share this widely. My publisher has gone the extra mile to do a 3rd printing, and they are offering a beautiful limited-edition 'folding screen' card with an original piece of calligraphy, AND a signed copy of the book, all for $20, including shipping. Please buy directly from the publisher and keep this book in print for the future.  You can send a link to this blog to your friends by email, or you can tweet or put it on facebook.  If you can do more than one of these, even better.
Get all these, including shipping for $20.

Peter Goodman at Stone Bridge Press puts it this way:

We have just gone back to press for the 3rd printing of A Different Kind of Luxury. With its color pages and unusual format, it is expensive to produce. But we have kept the price under $20 because we think this is one of the most important books we have ever published and want to be sure it stays affordable to readers.

So, we need your help! We know you can buy it elsewhere. But as an act of Community Supported Publishing, if you believe in this book and its important message, would you do us the favor of purchasing from our website for the regular price of $19.95? 

We'd like to thank you for helping us out:

1. A copy of the book personally signed by the author, Andy Couturier.

2. Our gift to you of a miniature “folding screen” featuring inspiring art by Wakako Oe, one of the rural artists from Japan featured in Andy's book.

3. Free shipping within the USA 

4. The good feeling that comes from supporting a worthwhile project and sharing it with your friends and community. 

We want to keep this book in print and need your help to find new readers. Community Supported Agriculture is all about many people sharing resources to support healthy food outside mainstream agribusiness. Why not Community Supported Publishing to share the message of people living, meaningful humble ways  of life?

Please post the link to this limited-time offer on your Twitter feed, Facebook page, or wherever you hang out in space and online. http://stonebridgepress.wazala.com

This fine piece of calligraphy has been made
into a folding card with two great quotes on the back
as an extra gift.

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