Raised in the tumult of Japan’s industrial powerhouse, the 11 men and women profiled in A Different Kind of Luxury have all made the transition to sustainable, fulfilling lives. Based on Andy Couturier's popular articles in The Japan Times, this lushly designed volume has a wealth of stories about real people who have created an abundance of time for contemplation, connecting with the natural world, and contributing to their communities. In their success is a lesson for us all: live a life that matters. Read an excerpt of the book here or here. Read a review of the book here, here, or here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Young Indian Environmentalists Review the Book on Video

Laxmi and Anjor are two wonderful young people I met in the Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh.  They are the first Indians (in my acquaintance) to read A Different Kind of Luxury. They were both really moved by the book, and inspired. Since many of the people profiled in the book lived and learned from India and Nepal, I asked if they would give a few of their comments. I think you can feel their passion:


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