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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Non doing?

I translated this piece this morning. Had an insight about how Wakako behaves in the world. Is this what the Taoists mean by non doing, and all will be done?

"I did an exhibition in Tokyo, then another gallery owner came by and saw it and then said, 'Hey, why not do an exhibit at our gallery?' Then 'Why not at our gallery?' Then here, then there…"

She's laughing almost flushed and embarrassed, and it occurs to me that she's being carried along with the people around her, kind of like an empty center, without that much will. It's not "I want to exhibit," not "I am an artist," just events and situations naturally emerging, coming together.

Also Matt, my interpreter friend, told me a few nights ago that actually "kokucho" isn't just "black swan" but "national bird." Now Wakako's story makes sense. It's about the crested ibis being reimported back into Japan from China. They've destroyed nature so much that the very national bird had died out!

No subsitute for actually having native Japanese speakers consult with you. (Yes, Matt is a native speaker.)

Keep blog posts short Andy!

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